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I've now enabled comments. I had to flick a switch that I didn't flick when setting it up. So, hopefully, you wont need an LJ account to leave a comment. Try it and see why don't ya.

Day 30

Day 30- My hopes for my blog

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Day 29

Day 28

Day 28- Most embarrassing moment

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Day 27

Day 27-what's in your closet

I always get a bit confused by the name 'closet'as I'm not always sure what it means. Is it a cupboard or a wardrobe? When I do find myself pondering this I think of that awesome Springsteen Lyric 'Closets are for hangers' and it tells me its a wardrobe. Job done. So here be a photo of what's in my 'closet' It's a bit messy as we have a terrible lack of storage space in this house always have done but I keep buying stuff which makes matter worse. My clothes are sorted by type rather than colour but I find the mixture of colours helps to break up the black and make it a bit easier to find things. It's my thinly veiled attempt to be organised.

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Day 26

Day 26- What's your hidden talent?

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Day 25

Day 25- your biggest regret

This is a tough one as I don't actually have many regrets, sure I have things that I would do differently but most of the time I've made the right call for that time or that situation ( not all the time though) but some things that happened because of my actions have actually turned out pretty well in the end. However, some of the regrets I do have are actually quite daft really and can easily be learned from. I regret that I have always tended to worry about what others think of me, not all,the time but enough of the time and it used to make me stop doing things. When I was a teenager the gaggle of friends used to go rock climbing with the brother of one of my friends, I used to go with them but never actually went climbing because I was scared that they would laugh at me or make fun of my bum of they were watching from below of course if they did I knew it would be in gental jest but to my teenage brain it would have been awful. I get totally annoyed with myself when I think about it because we used to go on rock climbing jaunts a lot and I had so much fun even just watching them. I must have gotten over that at some point however as I went and abseiled off the stonehouse ( my village) viaduct with a few of the rock climbing lot. I can totally contradicted myself though because on the one hand I did worry what people thought and on the other I sometimes just didn't care. Like the time I went for an audition for the lead in the school musical despite totally knowing I can't sing, dance or act to save my life so I knew there's in no way I would have gotten it but I wanted to see what it was like to go for an audition so I did it anyway and I had fun. Unsurprisingly I didn't get the part hehe!

It's been mostly my teenage years that had me worrying about what people thought to the extent that I told a heap of lies in order to hide my sexuality, I got myself a beard, well of sorts, we didn't actually go out but since I really liked him anyway I decide that I would convince people that I fancied him and I bought him a valentine card and chocolate and once even did his punishment exercise for him. It was hard work but the end goal was important to me. Teenage years are a funny time. So looking back I regret feeling like I had to lie but at the time it seemed the only option but you don't always things clearly when you're a teenager, at least I didn't.

No doubt I'll do more things, or not do more things, that I'll come to regret later on in my life but I hope they're not giant, life changing regrets. That would suck a bit.

This post was typed via the LJ app which I've never used before so not sure how it will look on-line. Hope I don't regret trying it out hehe!

Day 24

Day 24- What attracts you ( in love)

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Day 22

Day 22- Your worst habits

where to start? I have a ton of bad habits but worst habits? that might be a matter of perception. So I'll write what bugs me the most about me.

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